Charleston Trip a Mixture of Fun, Service

Charleston Trip a Mixture of Fun, Service

Greenies work on oyster restoration along South Carolina coast

Christ School and Charleston, S.C., may be hours apart. But there is no denying the connection between the two places.

Just look at the sheer number of current and former Greenie students who have called "The Holy City" their home.

Seventeen boys chose to spend Winter Break in Charleston for a Servant Leadership and Cultural Experience trip overseen by faculty members Casey Zager and Travis Harris.

"What really stands out to me and made this trip different was seeing all the new bonds that were made," Zager said. "These guys chose to give up their Winter Break in the traditional sense and give back. There was an understanding that we were there to enjoy ourselves, but also there to do some work."

The Greenies were away from Friday to Tuesday, giving their service time to a project very important to the Charleston area. Oyster restoration is necessary to maintaining the ecological balance of the ocean. The filtration ability of oysters improves water quality. Reefs are a habitat for fish, shrimp, crabs, and other marine life. Oyster shells also control erosion.

Along with oyster restoration, the boys got to explore Charleston itself. They saw The Citadel military college and South Carolina Aquarium, took a ghost tour and attended Sunday service at a local church. Spencer Dyer '19 and his family hosted a Super Bowl party.

Students who went on the trip were Ben Lowry '19, Connor Hall '20, Peyton Surface '19, Ross Oakley '19, Lennox Cummings '21, Cameron Akers '20, Ashton Beaver '19, Pierce Ingle '18, Aaron Chen '20, Hank Pritchard '19, Cameron Von Strolley '19, Larry Johnson '20, Will DuBose '19, Jack Harrison '19, Max LeCroy '18, Bordon Sasnett '19, and Coles Manning '19.

"The guys on this trip were just outstanding," Harris said. "Overall, it's a very solid group who showed great leadership throughout the entire experience."