Calligraphy Club New to Christ School

Calligraphy Club New to Christ School

Members will write in multiple languages

One of the newest clubs at Christ School celebrates a traditional art form.

The Calligraphy Club was the brainchild of Michael Wang '19 and Sunny Sang '20. Paul Gao '18, Hase Cooper '19, Pierce Parker '19, McCauley Hardison '21, Jack Knott '20, James Lopez '19, Kobi Selby '19, Hance Zhang '19, and Eric Zhou '19 also attended the club's first meeting last week. Faculty involved with the Calligraphy Club are Sarah Baldwin, Jennifer MacDonald, and Shao Ting Chung.

"I had the idea last year when I went home for Christmas," Michael said. "I've been doing Calligraphy for eight years. It's helped me write beautiful characters in Chinese. And it's always really cool to have good handwriting."

Like Michael, Sunny is an international student who came to Christ School from China.

"Michael asked if I was interested in creating a club. I'd also studied Calligraphy, and I said 'lets do it,'" Sunny said. "He does most of the teaching, and I'll support him as much as I can. We founded this club together. Calligraphy can be a really great way to communicate between cultures. We'll not only be doing Chinese, but Arabic, and maybe Korean. We want to attract a lot of members."

The Calligraphy Club will meet once every three to four weeks until the end of the school year. Club members plan to display their work on SCATE (Sharing Creative Arts Through Expression) Night.