Bubby Floyd '79 Spreads Thanksgiving Cheer

Bubby Floyd '79 Spreads Thanksgiving Cheer

Santa Claus comes early in Florence, S.C., every year. And he is a Greenie.

While there was no sled in sight, Bubby Floyd '79 was gleefully delivering food Thursday to senior citizens in his community through the Thanksgiving Blessing outreach program.

Floyd co-founded Thanksgiving Blessing in 2008. Annually, it provides for elderly residents in Florence who might otherwise go without a traditional Thanksgiving meal. This year, there were 1,000 care packages prepared, each filled with a frozen hen, three canned goods, and a box of stuffing.

"I've been blessed in a lot of ways, lucky my whole life," Floyd said. "This is my way of giving back."

Thanksgiving Blessing is a massive undertaking. The food arrives on flatbed trucks, and Florence schoolchildren are among the volunteers who help pack it. In addition to the care packages, there is a Thanksgiving Blessing luncheon which served 100 senior citizens on Nov. 3.

Floyd said he has been fortunate to be an independent businessman for three decades. He is involved in land management for timber and owns approximately 15,000 acres in the Florence area.

Floyd remembers Christ School fondly.

"I had some fun times," he said. "I made a lot of friends. It did prepare me well for just being on your own and dealing with stuff. You learn to follow rules."

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