Andrew Anderson '13 Finds Reward in Rowing

Andrew Anderson '13 Finds Reward in Rowing

Greenie alum continuing post-college career with club in nation's capital

Andrew Anderson '13 is serious about rowing. Serious enough to wake up at 4:50 a.m. for morning practices. There weren't a whole lot of nearby bodies of water that allowed for the sport when Anderson was a student at Christ School. So the Hendersonville, N.C., native did not pick up rowing until he got to the University of Virginia. His post-college career involves getting in workouts for the Potomac Boat Club out of Washington, D.C., before reporting to work as a Data Engineer with Capital One. Anderson and the PBC are training for the Henley Royal Regatta which is July 4-8 on the River Thames by the town of Henley-on-Thames, England. It is considered the world's best-known regatta with more than 200 races and over 300,000 spectators each year.

Question: How has it been going from a small hometown to Washington, D.C., and tell me a little bit about rowing for the PBC?

Answer: I am from Hendersonville. I was a day student at Christ School. At the moment, I live in Georgetown and commute out to work in Tysons, Virginia. It's a been a little bit of a transition living in a big city, but it's worked out so far. Almost exclusively, (the PBC) is made up of people in my age range, from 23 to 33. There is also a masters program. There are different types of positions in the boat, and they rotate around. I've rowed just about every position, so it would be hard to nail down one (that Anderson is best at). I've raced in about every kind of boat you can race in.

Question: How often do you guys work out, and what do practices entail?

Answer: We have organized team practice Monday through Friday. Saturday is a chance to do your own thing. We wake up at 4:50 and either start practice on an indoor rowing machine or we're on the water by 5:30. We're off the water about 15 minutes before the sun rises.

Question: What do you know about the upcoming regatta in England?

Answer: We'll be racing in The Brittanica Challenge Cup (an event for coxed fours which has taken place since 1969). We know that's where we'll be competing. The way it works is that there are high school, college, and professional athlete classes. There is also amateur rowing and intermediate classes. Not everyone is training for the national team, but there will be Olympic-caliber rowers every year.

Question: I know it wasn't that long ago in your case, but what are your memories of attending Christ School?

Answer: More than anything, it teaches you how to be a man and face problems. Be a problem-solver and execute whatever you plan out. I know that has particularly helped me with rowing. Christ School definitely makes you a doer and gives you an appreciation for being active and passionate about what you do. Five years later, I still talk to some of my friends from there weekly and that's very important to me.