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Mon, 12/17/2018 - 1:29pm

Greenies Celebrate Christmas with 85th Annual Lessons & Carols

Greenies Celebrate Christmas with 85th Annual Lessons & Carols

St. Joseph's Chapel was aglow in candlelight and filled with merriment Sunday as the Christ School community rejoiced in the Christmas season with the 85th annual Lessons & Carols service.

The holiday tradition has remained unbroken since 1933.

Father Kirk Brown, who is retiring at the end of the 2018-19 school year, gave his final Christmas Blessing as Chaplain to conclude a service with a dozen carols and nine readings. Per tradition, "Silent Night" was the final hymn sung by attendees, with the chapel lights dimmed so candles provided the only illumination.

Choirmaster Patrick McMurry directed a group of students and faculty that included Jameel Brenneman, Nathaniel Carson '20, Havilah Cooper '23, Eli Dowler '21, Will DuBose '19, McCauley Hardison '21, Jim Huang '20, Larry Johnson '20, Clarke MacDonald '21, Weston McGrath '21, Drake Oliver '19, Kobi Selby '19, Charlie Tucker '20, Ken Tyburski, Michael Wang '19, Ross Weathersbee '10, and Eric Zhou '19. Organist Ghilman Brock and Accompanist Frank Argento provided music.

Readers were Connor Booher '20, Phillip Lopez '23, Parker Stiles '22, Richard Lytle '20, Wilton Graves '21, Jameel Brenneman, Eli Dowler '21, Wesley Garbee '20, Evan Hoyle '19, and Ken Tyburski.

Members of the procession were Ross Oakley '19 (Crucifer), Henry Duggins '20 (Torch Bearer), Tommy Schleusner '20 (Torch Bearer), Thomas Becker (Gospel Bearer), Hank Pritchard '19 (Sacristan), and James Lopez '19 (Verger).

Christ School would like to thank Amanda Graves P'21 and the Parent Council for coordinating the Chapel decorations. Photos from Lessons & Carols can be found at Facebook.com/ChristSchool.org.

Christmas Break for the Greenies begins Wednesday at noon and runs through January 6.