live on campus
rich with tradition
in the Mountains of Asheville, NC
in 11 Sports
and 24 Honors Courses

Reach your maximum academic potential in a close-knit, nurturing, and challenging environment.


Develop your physical fitness and leadership skills through competitive sports, student self-government, and a variety of extracurricular activities.


Learn civic duty and a sense of the dignity of honest labor by getting involved in the care of our campus home.


Learn the sustaining value of faith and spiritual growth throughout life through religious instruction and regular participation in Chapel activities.

Mountain Rivers Offer Adventure for Paddlers

Above all else, the Christ School Outdoor Program takes advantage of its surroundings. Paddlers from all over the world flock to western North Carolina, and many a Greenie has floated down the neighboring rivers over the years.

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Student Spotlight: Carson Jones '18

In his own words, football has been a constant in the life of Carson Jones '18. The Asheville resident is now in his fourth year as a Greenie student-athlete, and the Day Student Prefect.

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Davis Oliver '17 Settles in at UNC

Davis Oliver '17 hunkered down late in his junior year of high school to transform his physique. His first book, My Body Breakthrough: The Unfair Advantage to Getting Your Best Body, was published last spring.

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Mississippi Service Trip Surpasses Expectations

Jacob Dowler '19, Lux Haney-Jardine '19, Wyatt Gildea '19, Kobi Selby '19, and Zack Grella '19 learned more about the history of race relations in southern education in Christ School's first out-of-state service project for the school year. They were also challenged to think about how the country, as a whole, moves forward.

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