The Game

Since 1911 Christ School has been traditional rivals with Asheville School. 

“The Game” between both schools is played at the end of each season and is the oldest high school football rivalry in both North and South Carolina. The Fayssoux-Arbogast Trophy was created in 1971 and was named after Richard Fayssoux, football coach at Christ School from 1920 to 1966 and B.H. Arbogast, Asheville School coach from 1930-1967. Winning this trophy has come to represent the ultimate recognition between the two independent schools.

A quote from the late Mike Knighton—longtime Christ School coach, teacher, and administrator—describes the spirit of The Game best: “For me, however, what transcends the emotion of winning and losing is that spirit of competition that prevails between these two great institutions [Christ School and Asheville School] and how that competition has helped to shape the character of so many young men throughout the years. For a coach, the final score doesn’t read so many points for my team, so many points for theirs. Instead, it reads: so many men out of so many boys. And this is a score that is never published. And this is the score he reads to himself and in which he finds his real joy when the last game is over.”