Student Life Curriculum

In weekly meetings, students explore non-traditional classroom topics that they can integrate into their academic curriculum.

Form 3 (9th grade)

Theme: The Four Pillars

Team taught by Mr. Harris, Mr. Uhler, Mrs. Drew, Mr. Rankin, and Coach Parham, third form topics include Study Skills, Stress & Coping, Health & Hygiene, Trust and Tradition, Responsible Social Media Use, and the Honor Code.

Form 4 (10th Grade)

Theme: Life Choices

Team taught by Mr. Donavan, Mr. Perez, Mr. Stender, Mr. Greenlee, Mrs. Bates, and Mrs. Mahoney, fourth form topics include Substance Abuse, Healthy Eating, All about Muscles, Conflict Resolution, and Multiculturalism and Diversity.

Form 5 (11th Grade)

Theme: Servant Leadership

Team taught by Mr. Krieger, Mrs. Drew, Mrs. Mahoney, Mr. Sherry, Mr. Cluxton, and Mr. Miles, fifth form topics include Great Leaders in History, Leadership & Responsibility, College, Relationships, Public Speaking, Current Events, and Social Media Tools.

Form 6 (12th Grade)

Theme: Becoming a Gentlemen

Team taught by Mr. Uhler, Mr. Roth, Mr. Sherry, Mr. Rankin, and Mr. Stokes, sixth form topics include Relationships, Becoming a Professional, Financial Literacy, the Challenges of Leadership, “College!”, and Alumni Legacy.