Christmas in the Greenie Dome Set for Friday

Christmas in the Greenies Dome is an atmosphere unlike any other. With a full student section, 290 boys are dressed in a mix of pajamas, basketball jerseys, American flags, an impressive array of onesies and Christmas stocking caps. They are raring to go for one of the most unique basketball traditions.

On Friday, the Christ School basketball team will welcome 4A NCISAA opponent Charlotte Christian, for the annual "Silent Night" basketball game. In the game's tradition, the student section won't cheer until Christ School scores their 10th point. We are talking absolute silence. No cheering, no jeers, just silence until that 10th point is scored. At that moment, pandemonium. Last year, the point arrived midway through the first quarter, as Trey Austin '19 knocked down a three pointer to make it 10-5 in favor of the Greenies. Take a look at a video.

Charlotte Christian comes in to the game with a record of 8-1, while the Greenies have dealt with injuries and are currently just 3-5. The Greenies are 0-2 in 4A NCISAA play, so this game against Charlotte Christian could go a long way towards helping the Greenies playoff seed for come February.

If you can't make it to the game, check out the livestream: