See Who's Coming to Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend 2018 Attendee List:

Pat Patterson '47

Graham Sale '51

Jack Stevens '52

Hugo Hartenstein '53

Harry Taylor '53

Timothy Trively '56

Converse Bright '58

Bob Dickson '58

Stan Gibson '58

John Hope '58

Charlie Huber '58

George Palmer '58

Allen Roussel '58

Rick Rodgers '64

Emery Clark '68

Finley Cloninger '68

Alan Davis '68

Rick Gilliam '68

Albert Matheny '68

Michael Mills '68

Ogie Ogilvie '68

Bruce Woodward '68

Townsend Tanner '03

Steve Baumrucker '73

James Robinson '78

Mark Thompson '78

Baker Madison '79

George Sewell '93

Hank Hodge '10

Denis de St. Aubin '13

Harrison Tye '13

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