Marko Cvetkovic '19 Enjoying America, Christ School

Marko Cvetkovic '19 Enjoying America, Christ School

Serbian student a member of Greenies' junior class

Marko Cvetkovic '19 is still glowing from his first Thanksgiving meal in America.

"Everyone goes crazy about the food!" Marko exclaimed. "That was the most interesting thing to me. We have a similar thing in Serbia where the family gathers around for a meal, but nothing like this."

Little by little, Marko is adapting his taste buds and other senses to a new culture. He is here at Christ School through ASSIST, a non-profit organization which matches academically-talented, multi-lingual students with independent schools across the United States. The ASSIST experience only lasts a year, but Marko would not be opposed to more.

"I would like to stay here. There are definitely more opportunities for me here," Marko said.

"In Serbia, we don't really have boarding schools. At the beginning of the year, I was a little skeptical about (Christ School), but everyone is really connected just like one big family. I really realized that after a break, when everyone comes back and talks about how much they missed each other. Everyone is so nice here. You don't see as much stress. Everyone is just so nice and accepting. Every family I have met here so far is great."

Marko spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Greensboro, N.C., as a guest of Henry Duggins '20. One of Marko's aunts, who lives in Los Angeles, has offered to host him over Christmas Break.

When he's on campus, Marko lives in Young House and has assimilated well. His extracurricular activities include Habitat for Humanity, as well as membership in the Politics Discussion and Social Justice clubs. Marko played soccer in the fall, and hopes to join the Greenies' defending state-champion lacrosse team next spring.

Marko intends to study some aspect of Business in college, preferably an American college.

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