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So Fresh and So Clean

Dorm Renovations

Posted by: Andrew Muller September 19th 2014

            The dorms at Christ School are more than just temporary living arrangements. Between the months of August and May, they are home to 180 teenage Greenies. Recently, the dorms have been updated with all new furniture and paint.  These improvements have kept students comfortable in their new home so far this year. Landon Archangelo, Class of 2015 of Young House, stated “Christ School did a nice job with the new furniture in the common areas”. His appreciation is shared among other members of the Greenie community. John Fulkerson, Class of 2016 said that he was happy about the new common room couches, and is excited about the possibility of a new television in the dorm.  While he wished that the dorms had air conditioning, he is pleased to see that Christ School is making improvements to help students feel at home. Coach Moroz, House Parent in Young House, said he thought students were “generally happy” with the dorms and that “Christ school does a good job with making sure that the students feel comfortable.”

            I, Andrew Muller, have personally observed students taking pride in where they live. They generally clean up after themselves, and the common areas have never looked better. I am very pleased that Christ School is listening to the needs of its students by taking actions to improve our living quarters.

Big Hogs Lead the way for Greenies

 (Quarterback Landon Archangelo and starting Offensive Line pose for a picture during early sports.)

 The Greenies are senior heavy this year upfront. That is the not the concern for Coach Mark Moroz at all. When asked what his thoughts were about having a young backfield he said; “I would rather have a young backfield with an experienced line any day of the week. When you have veterans upfront it makes the rest of it easy.”

 There has been talk of this being the best offensive line that you’ve ever had in your 7 years of coaching and when asked Moroz easily agreed. “We have three major D1 prospects upfront, (Austin Cooke senior, Malik Johnson senior and Walker Lanning senior.) “That is something is unheard of,” Moroz added.

 With returning quarterback Landon Archangelo, it will make things a whole lot easier with him calling the shots. Starting tailback Sage Holley (Sophmore), John Christ (Freshmen), and Grant Watson (Junior) will have senior Steven Fletcher and junior John Wallas lead the way for them out of the backfield. Wide receiver targets for Archangelo will most likely be, Marcellos Allison (junior), Tyler Redmond (junior), Drew Toliver (junior), Julian Smith (junior), Anthony Vaglica (senior), Jones Barton (senior), and Robert Foster (senior).

 Back up quarterbacks Zach Ayotte (junior), Stockton Burk (junior), and Landon Cooke (freshman) will back up senior quarterback Landon Archangelo.

 When asked about quarterback Landon Archangelo’s maturity level between this year and last year, Moroz said “He has grown tremendously as a leader and QB. He can make plays like I’ve never seen before.” Archangelo looks to have his first ever 1,000 yard passing season. Last year Archangelo threw for 857 yards with 6 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

 The Greenies round out their roster at 45 varsity players. They are set to play Hendersonville Friday

September 18th at 7:30 P.M.

 (Quarterback Landon Archangelo gets ready to call the play into his O-line.)


2013 record: 8-3, 4-1. Returning starters: Seven (four offense, three defense)



Reducing Concussions One Hit at a Time

Starting on the first day of hitting last football season, the Christ School Greenies have been using the latest technology in concussion prevention, also known as the guardian caps.

“We might look like a bunch of marshmallow’s out there, but they work”, states Stephen Fletcher class of 2015.  The cap brings a soft shell that gives the proper density, stiffness, and energy absorbing properties that reduces initial contact up to 33%.  

From these caps we can prevent our sports programs from suffering the long term effects such as: 

Loss of consciousness, memory difficulty, and possible inner cranial bleeding. 

“A blessing in disguise” is how sophomore Sage Holly explained it.  It is no doubt one of the latest and greatest things in protecting your head. In addition, our own veteran sports trainer, Ms. Heather commented, “It was a wise investment, and brings awareness to concussions and safety."  Senior lineman Austin Cooke said "I am very thankful for the Christ school community for taking the time to seek out and purchase these very useful tools in protecting our sports teams."  It is reassuring to know that Christ school is taking the time to invest in their athletes long term health.

Meet the Rap Godz

Posted 09/12/14 by Mason Ward   

“Hey Coach Campbell, who’s the best rapper at Christ School?”

“Well that’s easy... Jeff Smilack of course!”

            Formed in early 2014, the infamous Rap Godz, led by their front man Jeff Smilack and street manager Wade Davenport, have found international success in the harsh world of freestyle hip-hop. Although their lyrical genius is known in such countries as Germany, the Bahamas, and even South Korea, the group has struggled to find dominance on their home turf. Some say this is due to their informal, often random style, yet others say they can’t handle the top dog of the Christ School rap game, OG Mr. Uhler.

            After an exclusive interview with OG Uhler, it became very clear that he did not feel threatened by the young rap group. With his Beastie Boys punk mindset, mixed with his Andre 3000 flow, OG Uhler has not lost a confrontation with Smilack yet. He has held onto his title as the Christ School freestyle King. Ulher felt comfortable enough in this position to even give a few words of wisdom to the young challengers, “ It’s too easy, come at me harder.”

            Hungry for success, the Rap Godz are sure to take this to the next level. For these young bloods, the game is life. When asked for a response to OG Uhler’s challenge, Jeff Smilack had this to say, “OOOOHHHHHH it’s on Uhler!”

            Buckle your seatbelts Christ School; this rivalry could get ugly.


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