Christ School Citizenship

Christ School is more than a handsome, historic mountain campus with stone buildings. It is a real community, and it is the people that make this community work. Students live with and are mentored by skilled, enthusiastic, and caring faculty and dedicated administrators. You can't help but feel the rapport when you hear the laughter between faculty and students. Faculty at Christ School do not just choose a job, they choose a way of life.  The school's mission is helping educate boys in mind, body, and spirit.

Advisor System

Through the faculty advisor system, each student is paired with a faculty member who serves as his primary counselor, advocate, and personal resource involving all aspects of school life. In small groups (5-6 boys), and through contact on a regular basis, faculty members and students share information about goals, challenges and accomplishments.  A student can expect his advisor to to know him well and to be available to talk with him regularly or when special circumstances arise.

Job Program

Faculty and students have always been responsible for the general upkeep of Christ School’s campus, and it is the school’s expectation that all current members of the Christ School Community will take pride in continuing that tradition. Seniors work as team leaders to help underclassmen not only complete their campus chores, but also understand that work is both necessary and rewarding.

Daily Jobs (Monday–Friday)
Each academic quarter, underclassmen are assigned daily chores. These jobs will be scheduled on a rotating basis. Some special chores are assigned for a longer period of time. Assignments are posted on the bulletin board in the science wing of the school building. Please consult the Faculty Member, Senior in Charge, or Job Prefect for details concerning time, expectations, etc.

Weekends in the Dining Hall
Individual Houses are assigned to the Dining Hall Dishroom clean up on a rotating basis. Responsibilities include cleaning the Dining Hall Friday evening through Sunday lunch.

Religion and Chapel

One way of building community and fostering school spirit is to join as one body in prayer and praise, so attendance at chapel is required.

• Each week we gather as a community to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, known in some traditions as the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.
• The school community also gathers for Morning Prayer three times during the week.
• On occasion the community gathers for special services and ceremonies.

Read more about chapel life.

Student Handbook

A handbook should be much more than a rulebook. As the name suggests, it is something to keep close at hand, to provide guidance in our common life together. So rather than dwell on rules, this handbook seeks to focus on standards for a community.

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