Resolved: to accumulate historic documents and items to perpetuate the memory of Christ School since its inception.
—Archives Committee 2000

In 2001 a room in the renovated 38 House was set aside to store and display photos, documents, and memorabilia from Christ School's history. Since then, the Archives has uncovered, retrieved, and otherwise collected hundreds of historical items. Photos old and new have been scanned to disk for preservation. Fire-protected file cabinets house newsletters (beginning with the Galax Leaf of 1901), correspondence, newspaper clippings, old ledgers, donated scrapbooks, yearbooks, and alumni recollections. Interesting and curious memorabilia include a vintage football helmet, old photo printing plates, glass jars found under the old oak tree (moonshine?), and a hand carved chapel cross from 1910.

The history of Christ School is rich and varied and the School has touched the lives of many people. Its story is the story of each person who has come into its circle and, for that reason, the preservation of its history, is a worthwhile and important undertaking.

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